Songwriting workshop… and the aftermath…

I had a fantastic time at a songwriting workshop in Big Sur last week.   Wow… inspired, invigorated, rested… all at the same time.  Amazing people, great songs, and lots of work on new song ideas.  It is difficult to come back into the real world.. though as others have suggested maybe life in the workshop IS the true real world.  I could go deep into detail about this workshop, but… maybe some other time.  The end result is the combination of Big Sur, awesome people, and getting the creative juices flowing adds up to something extremely special.

I’ve worked on a few of the songs since I got back and there is definitely some potential there.

Last night I was in the studio until late working on a new piece, though this one is more electronic in nature.   Not sure how it will turn out as usual…

In other news… I joined a jamband.  I will have more to come on this, but they are a great much of guys and they are good at what they do.  Hopefully we will jell more in the future and play out a bit… I have a bunch of songs I’m introducing to the band, so far they are very receptive.  I have a rehearsal with them tomorrow (Thursday) so more to come there too.

FYI… the photo  on this page was taken by Kirk Mann.   Kirk is a great songwriter as well, he had a great new song he debuted at the workshop that got everyone up and moving.