Band:  Rewilders
My latest effort.  This was for RPM 2016, a solo effort.  Several songs will make their way into other projects.  There is a website for The Rewilders too.

Band:  Liquid State
Collaboration with vocalist/songwriter Jennifer Wilde.

Band:  Inglas
Songwriter Michael Nold, Guitarist Rick Escobar, Bass/Guitar Mark Fassett

Band:  Particle Salad

Band:  Warrenpeece
Collaboration with John Rose (and Michael Nold on latest Warrenpeece releases) for the RPM Challenge.

RPM Challenge 2014

RPM Challenge 2013: 

RPM Challenge 2011: 

RPM Challenge 2009: 

Band:  42 Shades of Gray
Solo CD for the RPM Challenge 2007

Band:  watersaw
Collaboration with Nicole Laby, Chris Evans, Michael Tonatore, and Mark Fassett (Izzy Award winning soundtrack)
Music for modern dance

Project:  Papa Bueno
Papa Bueno is my side project… where I put music that is more funky and fun.  Here are a couple of songs to hear:

Project:  Haze
Spoken word project, collaboration with writer/artist Scott Caplener for RPM 2011.