RPM Challenge 2014

Here we go again.

John Rose, Michael Nold and I are ON for the RPM Challenge… record a full CD in the month of February.  This year we are doing something different.

In previous years we wrote and recorded the music in the same month.  This is sort of the extreme version of the challenge.  This year, I suggested we pull from the ~4 years of RPM Challenge music we’ve already written and choose the 10 best songs to re-record and release.  The idea is we will all go into the studio together and record basic tracks, then massage them over the month.

In some ways it will be easier, but in some ways harder.  We’ll need to nail the music in the studio, which means rehearsal and practice in advance of the recording date.  Then we will need to pull in the right drummer for the sessions (feelers are out right now).   Finally comes overdubbing and sweetening with new parts, etc.

I’ll post here as we go and let you know the progress… hopefully we’ll end up with something very cool and more cohesive than we had in the past.