Acoustic guitar shopping

I’m still shopping.  Here’s where I landed..

The Breedlove CM: NO GO.  Not loud/present enough.

The Taylor 522ce:  same deal.. loved it until I got to a songwriting circle and played it acoustically.

Now I have it narrowed down to TWO guitars.  Taylor DN7 and Gibson Advanced Jumbo.

I have an issue with buying anything from Gibson right now.  The CEO is (IMHO) kind of a prick.  See this.  Gibson was GUILTY, and he’s essentially thumbing his nose at the government and the process by introducing new models playing off of the raids the government has made as a result of Gibson not following the rules.    So ultimately, I’m leaning toward the Taylor even though I like the sound of the Gibson a bit more.

So I’m voting with my conscious now.  Hopefully I’ll end up really liking the Taylor.  More to play, but I’m pretty sure.  Watch this space…