What’s next?

Last night I played an open mic in Menlo Park… enjoyable.  Played one new song, one older song from my Particle Salad days arranged for acoustic guitar, plus a Lyle Lovett cover.  Good times.

Not sure what my next project will be.  I do know that Watersaw will be working with Lizz Roman again, and we’re starting to compose together.  Always good to get that band back together.  We ended up performing for the Izzy Awards in the lobby last month… good fun.  We only got yelled at once for being too loud when we hit a major crescendo.  That was fun.  I am not sure the dance community always knows what to make of us, because we can get loud but we also can be very abstract and dissonant.  I’m glad Lizz Roman likes what we do, she is awesome to work with.  It’s always a creative challenge and very rewarding.