acoustic set.. and Tronical

I have been working hard at putting together a full acoustic set.  About half of the music is newer… from the past year.  The rest of it is older stuff rearranged for acoustic guitar.  I’m going to head out to some open mics in September to test it out.  I’m also planning on hosting some songwriting circles around the same time.

I also have a new device that I’m pretty passionate about.  It’s called “Tronical Tune.”   It’s a new set of tuners for my acoustic guitar that allows me to quickly and easily switch tunings.  I have explored open tunings a bit in the past but tuning couldn’t keep up with my creativity… and I’m not one of those people who have a different guitar that I can leave in each tuning.  Anyway, it’s working very well so far since I installed it in my Taylor.  I’ve already developed a few song ideas too.