Creative juices flowing…

So things are going well creatively.   I had a trip to Big Sur which is always an incredibly inspirational place for me.  Also, I have a lot more spare time so I’ve been able to spend more time in the studio.

Watersaw has been working on a score for an upcoming modern dance show.  So far the music we have come up with is quite incredible.  I will post some of it as time allows, and I will post information on when you can hear the piece performed.

I have at least a half set of acoustic guitar/vocal originals ready to go, which is a nice improvement.  Some new pieces, come warrenpeece songs, some old Particle Salad music from the archives… good mix.

I also have been playing on and off with a new music concept… I hinted at it before but it involves irregular rhythms while maintaing more traditional song forms.  Not sure exactly how this will turn out but if some things end up working I’ll post them here.