a few updates… early summer…

My new CD is coming along quite well.  It’s 16 tracks deep, and a concept album of sorts.  Lots of great collaborators have played on the CD including many of my usual suspects, but there will be several more before I’m done.  It will be done some time in the fall.

Of course… would be great if a whole boatload of people would hear it.  That… we will see.


Also in the fall is the shows with Watersaw and our work with Lizz Roman and Dancers.  We had our first rehearsal and the space is very cool, very industrial, and it was inspiring to see the choreography.  The shows will be in early September… save the dates.

10848908_848838915137094_1750222190120980485_oI’ve also been playing with a great bunch of guys in the jamband Greenhouse.  So far we have close to a full set of originals and many more on the way.  We’re auditioning lead guitar players… so far we have lots of good players but we haven’t quite found the right one.  Two more auditions in the next couple of weeks, hopefully one of them will work out.  Looking forward to playing some shows with Greenhouse.

I will post some of the mixes for the new CD soon, so check back…